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We offer 'one to one' and 'small group' tutoring sessions across a range of subjects and age ranges. Lessons can target specific exams, such as GCSEs or entrance exams. We also offer tuition designed to help children improve in a particular subject and work towards their next steps. 

Our tutors are experienced in working with children of all different abilities, including SEN. We will work with you and your child to identify their next steps and plan an approach which is suited to their learning style. 


Tuition is offered across a range of subjects at Keystage 1 through to Keystage 4. This can involve targeting key areas of the National Curriculum to either support areas of struggle or to further strengthen knowledge and skills.

Whatever the subject, lessons are tailored to the individual students and are designed to be fun and engaging.



We offer tailored GCSE tuition, specific to the exam board and your child's needs. Whether this be in science, english or maths, we're able to cover either the entire curriculum or focus on specific areas of difficulty. 

Lessons also include exam skills where real mock papers are used to build confidence with exam techniques. This way, your child will be best prepared to sit their exams.



We have a wealth of experience in SATs preparation. Lessons can be designed to target the content involved in the papers, whilst using previous test papers to build comfort and familiarisation with question types and wording.

These lessons are targeted towards SATs papers but are delivered in a way that also prepares your child for the transition between year 6 and year 7.



Specialist tuition is available for 11+ & 13+ entrance exams, including scholarship entry. The lessons will be adapted to meet the expectation and requirements of the desired schools you have chosen.

The lessons are taught at a very high standard by an experienced tutor in this field. This is to ensure your child is prepared to sit these competitive assessments to the best of their ability. 

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