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Frequently asked questions

What happens during a tutoring session?

Each session will be individually tailored to suit your child's specific needs. They will be encouraged to feel comfortable and happy because this environment is integral to foster progress. Activities are age appropriate and can range from hands-on learning to exam preparation, depending on the child's goals.  

How will my child make progress?

One of the best elements of tuition is that our tutors will be working 1:1 with your child. This means that every piece of work will be adapted to suit their next steps which enables them to make progress effectively and efficiently. 

How long is a tutoring session?

Most tuition sessions are 1 hour, but shorter or longer sessions are available if you feel that this would suit your child better.

How many sessions should you do per week?

This completely depends on the purpose of tutoring. For exam preparation, 2 sessions per week is recommended as this enables our tutors to develop key skils and the knowledge base required. If you are looking for general progress tuition, 1 session is a popular choice. For that extra push, 2 hours per week is beneficial but not always necessary.

What happens during the first session?

Our tutors will spend time helping your child feel comfortable by chatting to them about their interests and hobbies. They will also carry out an informal assessment which enables us to see what areas need additional support. This way, every tutoring session can be effectively planned to target specific next steps. 

How much does a 1 hour session cost?

National Curriculum 

Keystages 1,2 & 3                           £40ph

GCSE (Years 10 & 11)                  £40ph

Entrance Exams

11+ & 13+                                          £40ph

Scholarship                                        £45ph

Lessons with Olivia                    £50ph

What if my child has Special Educational Needs, such as Dyslexia or Dyspraxia?

Our tutors have a wide range of experience working with children who have Special Educational Needs. This means that they can support your child in ways that can help them, regardless of their abilities or needs.

Where do the lessons take place? 

Depending on your location, tuition can happen either online or at one of our tutor's homes. 

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